Toolkit to Organizing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Events

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For the past two years, Education Austin received a grant from the National Education Association Minority Community Organizing and Partnership Grant and also grant from the American Federation of Teachers. The grants helped Education Austin organize a campaign focusing on informing the community in Austin about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The grants helped us hired a part-time college student to help us organize, plan , coordinate and outreach to our members and partners. We partnered with the University Leadership Initiative, a United We Dream affiliate at the University of Texas.In addition, our union established partnerships with the Equal Justice Center, Casa Marianella, ACC-AFT, NALEO, Texas AFL-CIO, Mexican Consulate, UT-Immigration Law Center, Austin Independent School District and Univision.

Education Austin has hosted over thirty-six DACA/DAPA Educational forums at multiple elementary, middle and high schools in Austin ISD. We have hosted a total of 12 DACA Clinics and have helped more than three hundred and fifty DREAMERS to apply and submit their DACA application.

We put together this toolkit with the collaboration of organizations mentioned above to help other unions to organize DACA Forums and Clinics in their communities.

Toolkit to Organizing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Events
Working with Partner Organizations

       Agenda & Audience

             For University Leadership Initiative

             For Equal Justice Center

             For Education Austin



Working As a Team



    Team Roles

DACA Forum Timeline, Supplies, and Tasks

    Before the Forum

    During the Forum

    After the Forum

DACA Volunteer Training Timeline, Supplies, and Tasks

    Before the Training

    After the Training

DACA Clinic Timeline, Supplies and Tasks

    Before the Clinic

    During the Clinic


           Volunteer Runner

           Registration Runner

After the Clinic

Resources and Background information about DACA

Organizational Tools

5 Financial Moves DREAMers Should Make Now

A DACA Recipient’s Guide to Buying a Home | MYMOVE
Guía de un Beneficiario de DACA para Comprar una Casa | MYMOVE

                                              Pic 01


This toolkit attempts to describe how to organize a  successful  DACA forum or clinic. This toolkit will explain the roles that are involved during the educational forums, trainings, and clinics, as well as everything in between.

Working with Partner Organizations

Agenda & Audience

A DACA clinic is a great event to engage different audiences for different purposes. The partners involved might have different audiences they wish to engage for a specific purpose.

  • Lawyers
  • Community Organizations/Nonprofits (and their beneficiaries/members)
  • Churches (and their congregation)
  • Schools
  • Undocumented immigrant community
    •   Parents
    •  DACA eligible youth
  • Allies to the undocumented immigrant community
  • Professionals that interact with undocumented immigrant youth
    • Teachers, counselors, school administrators, religious leaders
  • Media
  • Volunteers                   

Partner Organizations:

Education Austin
Education Austin is the labor union for certified and classified employees of the Austin Independent School District. Education Austin is the first merged local in Texas and is affiliated with the NEA, AFT, TSTA, Texas AFT, and the AFL-CIO. It is by far the largest organization for AISD employees. Education Austin has 3,000 members.
Equal Justice Center
The EJC is a non-profit law firm and employment justice organization which empowers low-income families, workers, and communities to achieve fair treatment in the workplace, in the justice system, and in our shared society – regardless of immigration status.We provide legal representation that enables working men and women to recover unpaid wages and combat other basic injustices they encounter in their work.  We work for systemic reforms that strengthen employment rights, advance fair immigration reform, and expand access to the justice system for all working people. We protect and lift up the labor and human rights of both U.S.-born workers and transnational workers in our new global labor market.  We help young undocumented students and graduates who have grown up in the U.S. secure work authorization, protection against deportation, and new freedom through DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).  We develop and train the next generation of employment justice advocates – workers, students, lawyers, and community members.
University Leadership Initiative
University Leadership Initiative (ULI) harnesses the talents, abilities, and determination of it’s members to affect long-term change in a proactive manner. Specifically, ULI conducts outreach, and advocacy at local, state,and national level to address the dilemma faced by the 12 million undocumented immigrants who call the United States their home, yet constantly live in fear of deportation and separation from their families.

Working As a Team


    • GroupMe:
      • DACA Leads
      • DACA
    • Email (DACA Group)
      • A google email group can be used to send emails to the entire team without having to put everyone’s individual emails.  
    • Text Messages
    • Phone Calls


  • Have a meeting at the beginning of every semester with all partners to discuss the calendar for the semester.
  • Bi-weekly meetings for team to train others, discuss/plan upcoming events

Team Roles

  • 1. DACA Leads
  • 2. Program Integration & Engagement
  • 3. Volunteer Management
  • 4. Media and Social Media (Community Outreach)
  • 5. General Community Outreach
  • 6. Locations Logistics
  • 7. Resources (Food, materials, digital equipment, signs, supplies)
  • 8. Data Tracking
  • 9. Legal Resources

1.   DACA Leads

  • Find ways to keep the team connected, in communication, clearing misunderstandings. Make sure everyone is on the same page. (Ex:  encourage people individually to send an email to everyone saying how their task for the week is going; text someone to see how they’re doing, etc.) HORIZONTAL COMMUNICATION (Not just vertical communication)
  • Have one on ones with committed members. Coach and mentor growing team members/leads.
  • Lead trainings for trainers
  • Provide team with resources
  • Networks on behalf of the team, introduces leads to people that could help

                     [DELEGATES & FOLLOWS UP]

2.  Program Integration & Engagement
Education Austin works in collaboration with the Equal Justice Center and the University Leadership Initiative, a United We Dream affiliate.

ULI implements all 4 UWD programs within the organization, Dream Educational Empowerment Program, Deportation Defense, Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project, and Own The Dream DACA.

The person in charge of this role will make sure there are certain people engaging parents and applicants at the forums and clinics.

*TIP:  Make sure at least 3 people in the DACA team are very familiar with most of the programs and that they will be able to talk about them even if program leads are not around.

3.  Volunteer Management

  • In charge of creating Google Form and with the link to this Google Form in which you ask volunteers to sign up
  • Responsible for following up with volunteers,
  • Responsible for recruiting DACA forum and clinic youth attendees.  
  • Sends Thank You emails to volunteers

*TIP: Plan accordingly, so that you have enough time to recruit volunteers before events.

4.  Media and Social Media (Community/Applicant Outreach)

  • In charge of creating flyers for clinics and forum promotion
  • Television news station interviews
  • Promotes events before, during, and after events
  • Gives media trainings

*TIP: Create flyers as soon as you have confirmed dates for events; this should give community enough time to plan to attend our events.

5.   General Community Outreach

  • In charge of creating Google Form and with the link to this Google Form in which you ask applicants to sign up. Example:
  • Contacts churches about making announcements at their mass times (Contact them a month before an event because it takes them a while to approve your message, and then another while to put it in their church calendar)
  • Sends emails to places/organizations with high community accessibility and outreach
  • Makes sure there is someone flyering at the Mexican Consulate during certain days prior to a clinic (Makes sure that person is equipped with all materials to table)
  • Manages the Google number and the people that are signed up for it.  Trains people to answer the phone (Practices with them)

*TIP: Should create a TIP SHEET for how to answer the Google Phone

6.  Location Logistics

  • Designated person will take care of confirming locations, and sending an email to all the partners regarding the set calendar for the semester (locations & dates)
    1. Also in charge of asking for cell phone numbers for the people that will be at the location the day of the clinic, that way, if we are locked out, they can call the person who should be aware we are there.

*TIP: Visit the location a day prior to event to set up. If set up isn’t possible the day prior, then make a mental picture of how set up should be the day of event and arrive earlier to accommodate setup.See an example of DACA Clinic layout

7.   Resources (Food, materials, digital equipment, signs, supplies)

  • Food: Designated person makes sure there is food at volunteer trainings, breakfast at DACA clinics, and sometimes also lunch for the DACA clinics
  • Handouts: Materials must be up to date. Copies must be ready and arrange in folders.
  • Digital Equipment: Make sure that it runs properly.
  • Signs: Must be displayed at different locations around the school or facility.
  • Supplies: Make sure to have plenty of supplies.


  • After every DACA clinic, Supplies must be put back in place
  • When making copies, do not make more than 100 (as they get outdated often)

8.   Data tracking

  • Trains other people on how to use database software that the team decides to use to organize applicant and volunteer data.
  • Uploads database sheets
  • A week after every DACA/DAPA event, they must provide partners with the specific number of participants, lawyers, and volunteers that participated. Input data into a spreadsheet on shared Google Drive
    1. Send an email to partners with final data spreadsheet (from above) and the debriefing notes.

9.  Legal Resources

  • Attorney lead or organization must recruit attorneys who can volunteer at the DACA clinics.
  • Attorney lead must  check that application and materials are updated

DACA Forum Timeline, Supplies,and Tasks

 Pic 02

DACA Forum Purpose:DACA forums are held to make informational presentations to educate the community on what DACA is and what the eligibility requirements and application process of DACA are. Required supporting documents and other pre-requisites are explained to the participants so that they will be appropriately prepared to attend a DACA clinic and successfully fill out their DACA application. Attorneys attend the forums to answer any legal questions that the forum participants might have.

Before the Forum

  • Confirm DACA forum location logistics with location contact person at least two weeks before the forum
    • Forum location examples: Schools, churches, community organizations, etc.
  • Confirm which volunteers and attorneys will attend the forum
  • Prepare supplies and snacks

DACA Forum Supplies

DACA Information PacketsFollowing Documents:

*TIP: Print out documents in different colored paper so that they can stand out

Powerpoint PresentationPresentation with DACA information
(Example of DACA forum presentation here)
*TIP: Make sure to update the powerpoint with upcoming events before each presentation
Registration FormsCan be done online or on paper to keep attendance numbers of participants, volunteers, and attorneys
Pens, index cards, computer, extension cord, projector, and projector screenSupplies for participants to write notes and questions for attorneys during presentation and to project presentation

How to Promote the forums and clinics

Share with Parent Support Specialist (PSS), social worker, teacher,  or lead person at the school the following expectations: 

  • Share information about the forum in the school’s marquee
  • Ask PSS to make a robocalls about the event in English and Spanish for the whole school
  • Provide flyer and ask to distribute flyer to all classes
  • Flyers must be bilingual
  • Promote forum in the school’s bulletin board and/or website
Pic 03
Example of DACA forum promotion through school marquee
Pic 04
Example of event promotion through school district website”

During the Forum


  • 2 Presenters
  • 2 volunteers for registration
  • 1 volunteer to help handout resources
    • Split the above volunteers to also help with engagement

After the Forum

  • Help put away equipment
  • Make sure you leave space the way it was found
  • Thank Parent Support Specialist or person in charge of location for allowing us to use their space.
  • Make sure to debrief about pluses and deltas (you should update manual based on suggestions to keep improving)

DACA Volunteer Training, Supplies, and Tasks

DACA Volunteer Training Purpose:

DACA clinics volunteer trainings are conducted by immigration attorneys to explain DACA eligibility requirements, supporting documents, how to fill out DACA applications, and explanation of DACA clinic flow and volunteer roles to volunteers prior to DACA clinics.

                              Pic 05

Before the Training

  • Confirm DACA training location logistics with location contact person at least a week before the training
  • Confirm which volunteers and attorneys will attend the training
  • Prepare supplies and snacks
DACA Volunteer Training Packets

*Note: DACA Initial packets contain documents that are relevant for people who are applying for DACA for the first time
*Note: DACA Renewal packets contain documents that are relevant for people who are renewing their DACA
Following Documents:

Powerpoint PresentationPresentation with DACA requirements and application information (Example of DACA Volunteer Training Presentation here )
Sign In sheetsCan be done online or on paper to keep attendance numbers of participants, volunteers, and attorneys
Pens, highlighters, computer, extension cord, projector, and projector screenSupplies for participants to write notes and questions for attorneys during presentation and to project presentation

After the Training

  • Help put away equipment
  • Make sure you leave space the way it was found

DACA Clinic Timeline, Supplies, and Tasks

DACA Clinic Purpose: DACA clinics are held to assist the community in appropriately filling out DACA applications by having trained volunteers review their supporting documents and ensure that they meet DACA eligibility requirements, as well as doing a final review by immigration attorneys to ensure that their DACA application is completed correctly. Official document translations and passport photos are also provided to DACA clinic participants.

Pic 06

Pic 07

Before the Clinic

Meet with partners & propose dates/calendar for the semester (This usually happens right after semester is over, so that their is enough time to confirm new dates for the upcoming semester)More than 1 month before
Find locations to hold all clinics and forumsMore than 1 month before
Confirm locations: Create a spreadsheet for the semester & organize all dates, times, & locations & final data: CONFIRMED DATES & LOCATIONS–Make sure to share with all partnersMore than 1 month before
Create a volunteer sign-up Google Form (Make a link to shorten the link through this page:for example than 1 month before
Create an applicant registration Google Form (Make a link to shorten the link through this page: for example More than 1 month before
Create flyers for the confirmed dates and locations

*TIP: Try to create flyer as soon as you have all forums and clinics confirmed; this will help in outreach for the events.

More than 1 month before
Once flyers are approved by everyone (double checked for errors), send an email to media and other organizations with the calendar for the semester along with the flyers promoting upcoming forums and clinics. → Keep media contacts in Google Drive. More than 1 month before
Create Facebook Event for the upcoming clinic.1 month before
Check that applicant folders have the correct paperwork (Documents that need to be printed will be found in the   DACA CLINICS: Documents & Materials List1 month before
Confirm volunteer training location (for all of the dates, usually the Thursday right before the clinic). → Mandatory for all volunteers to attend at least once a semester.1 month before
Send e-mail to past volunteers inviting them to volunteer again3 weeks before
Visit churches/call contacts and ask them if you can have an announcement be made the week at masses on the Sunday before the clinic (also take information on forums)3 weeks before
Phone bank for volunteers inviting them to join the DACA clinic team 2.5 weeks before
Phone bank registered applicants (Confirm attendance, answer any last minute questions, pre-register and pre-screen them on database software that team chooses)2 weeks before
Send an email to volunteers that signed up for the training with logistics information for the clinic1.5 weeks before
Review volunteer spreadsheet and roles they are interested in

  • Assign a volunteer as a “role lead”
    • Ex: Intake lead, Applicant lead, Runner lead, etc.
  • Explain each role lead what their role consist of, so that they can be in charge of teaching/training others on that role.
1 week before
  • DACA Training for Volunteers in Application/Intake process (Usually the Thursday before the clinic)
2-3 days before



◻︎Extension cords

◻︎Paper clips

◻︎Red flags

◻︎DACA Clinic Station Posters

◻︎10×13 inch clasp envelopes (addressed to corresponding USCIS office)

◻︎Passport photo paper

◻︎#3 coin envelopes


◻︎Name tags


◻︎Breakfast main dish




◻︎Post It notes

◻︎Preparer organization information cards

◻︎Partner organization banners


◻︎Passport photo printer


◻︎Extra documents



◻︎Lunch main dish




◻︎Green flags

◻︎DACA Clinic Posters

◻︎Packaging tape

◻︎Projector Screen

◻︎Passport photo printer ink

◻︎Blank copy paper

◻︎Shred box

◻︎DACA Applicant packets*



*To be covered in full detail below

 DACA Applicant Packets

DACA Initial Applicant Packets
*Note: DACA Initial packets contain documents that are relevant for people who are applying for DACA for the first time
**TIP: Make Initial Applicant Packets in one uniform-colored folder and Renewal Applicant Packets in another uniform-colored folders to easily differentiate between them
Left Side 

Right Side (Send to USCIS)

DACA Renewal Applicant Packets
*Note: DACA Renewal packets contain documents that are relevant for people who are renewing their DACA
Left Side 

Right Side (Send to USCIS)

During the Clinic

Staff and Volunteer Roles

Volunteer RegistrationRegister volunteers, have them sign  DACA Clinic Volunteer Confidentiality Forms , and give name tags1-2 people
Applicant RegistrationRegister applicants and parents and have them fill out Photography Consent Form and  Continuous Residence Chart ; Close registration at designated time and put up sign with next clinic informationPic 084-5 people
Welcome Runner (Entry —-> Registration)Welcome attendees and give them number and packets

**TIP: Give number in order of arrival and check off number in clipboard so you don’t lose track of what number you’re on

1 person
Registration Runner (Registration —> Intake Waiting Area)Explain to applicants that they will be called by the number assigned and also explain clinic flow as you guide them to the waiting area2 people
Waiting Area EngagerCollect attendees’ stories, explain the process of the clinic, and answer any questions for attendees2-3 people
Intake Runner (Intake Waiting Area —> Intake)
  • Checks to see if any red flags are raised at intake tables; tend to those
  • Takes applicants from waiting area to intake station
    • Call applicants by number
    • On clipboard, write down the applicant’s name next to their assigned number
  • Takes birth certificates to translation area, creates copy, and returns the original to applicant
1-2 people
  • Explain to the applicant the process in which they are going through in the clinic
  • Sign Statement of Understanding with applicant
  • Fill out intake form (Either Initial  or Renewal )
    • Organizes documents, prepares expenses worksheet, continuous residence worksheet, and address worksheet.
      • Documents organized in reverse chronological order
      • If you think there are not sufficient documents, raise a red flag and call an attorney. Ask for their approval and see if applicant can go on in the process
  • Go over all sheets on left side of applicant packet with the applicant

Pic 09

1-2 people per table; 5 tables
Translation Runner (Translation —> Applicant)Returns translated birth certificate to owner once completed1 person
TranslationTranslates birth certificate from copy and signs the  Certificate of Translation  for each document that is translated**TIP: For Birth Certificate translations, make translation templates for repeated use
Pic 10
2-3 people
Applicant Runner (Intake —> Application)
  • Takes applicant from Intake to Application (If Application station is full, have applicant wait in waiting area)
  • Writes down applicant’s name in order of completion from Intake station (If they are in waitlist, call them in the same order)
1-2 people
ApplicationFill out all documents on right side of applicant packet
Pic 11
1-2 people per table; 5 tables
Passport PhotosTake passport photos

**TIP: Use a Wi-Fi Photo printer that can be used with a smartphone or tablet app (Example: Canon Selphy CP910)

  • Print and cut out the 2 best pictures; return the rest to applicant
    • If applicant is Initial, lightly write name and date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) on the back of the 2 pictures.
    • If applicant is Renewal, lightly write name and A# on the back of the 2 pictures.
    • Place the pictures with information written on the back inside #3 coin envelopes.

Pic 12

1-2 people
Attorney Runner (Application —> Attorney)
  • Takes applicant from Application to Attorney
    • If Application station is full, take them to Passport station
      • If they have taken their passport pictures, take them to waiting area
    • Write down their name in clipboard in order of completion from Application Station
1-2 people
Attorney ReviewAttorneys do final review of DACA application and explain to applicants that the left side is just information, NOT TO BE SENT TO USCIS, and that right side is the TO BE SENT paperwork
Pic 13
1 attorney per table
Check Out Runner (Attorney —> Check Out)
  • Ask if applicant has taken their passport pictures
    • If yes, take them to partner organization resources area
    • If no, take them to Passport photo station and explain to head to check out area afterwards
1 person
Check Out
  • Be on the lookout for applicants leaving!
  • Complete exit form with applicants,
  • Take out any documents that may still be in packet and that we need (Including Photography Consent form and Statement of Understanding)
  • Explain mailing process
  • Give them envelope addressed to USCIS to mail their application

Pic 14

1-2 people


  • Put DACA Clinic posters throughout facility to direct people to exact location of the clinic
  • Put DACA Clinic Station posters for each station (Registration; Intake; Application; Translation; Passport Photos; Attorney Review; Checkout) for station visibility
  • Use a Clinic Volunteer Roles Poster
     to keep track of volunteer’s roles and post on a location that is visible to all volunteers (Ex: volunteer break room)
  • DACA clinic leads could carry a clipboard with volunteer roles to have handy at all times
  • Invite partner organizations to have information tables between Attorney Review and Check Out stations
  • Debrief immediately after DACA clinic to reflect on what went well with the clinic and improvements that can happen for following clinics
    Pic 15Pic 16

After the Clinic

  • Volunteers
    • Send a thank you email to those that volunteered.
    • Decide if you want to have a thank you celebration for them at the end of the semester, if you plan one.. let them know to look out for that!
  • Applicants
    • Call applicants 2 weeks after to follow up and see if they have sent their application
      • Let them know to call the Team at Google Phone number if they have any questions
  • Partners
    • Make sure partners have access to debrief notes from the clinic.
    • Thank everyone
      • Locations
      • Attorneys that volunteered
    • Appreciation party!
    • Rest and prepare for the next clinic

Resources and Background information about  DACA

Organizational Tools

The table below lists online tools and resources that can be used for storing, updating, organizing, and sharing information for DACA event purposes


  • This website is used to shorten links (so that instead of having a link that is…etc… you can have a shorter link that you can make up)
  • Make an account. You can make up your own links, for example, you can make a link that says dacaclinic25, so your link will be
  • Regularly make sure that your link works!
Google DriveKeep all documents in a Google Drive that is shared with all partner organizations so that everyone can access them in an organized manner.

      • This will be used to hold documents that don’t get updated frequently.
      • Use it to download handouts to print.
      • Link to Dropbox folder should be shared with all partner organizations for easy access.
      • If you have Gmail, you can use this app to schedule emails (Ex: you can write all your emails Saturday at 3pm but schedule them to be sent on Monday at 8am).
      • Install the Boomerang App into your Gmail (Download → HERE).
Google FormGo to Google Drive, click on the red button that says “New”.  Click on More → Google Forms. Fill out the sheet accordingly. (Make sure you create it in the correct folder so that everyone has access to it)
Doodle Poll

Uses polls to help schedule meetings, check-in calls, etc.

(events; sharing; posts)

Used to promote DACA forums, DACA clinics, volunteer trainings, any other event. To recruit applicants and volunteers.
Google Phone
      • The DACA Google Phone is managed by ULI. It is a phone number created through Google that is linked to whoever signs up to answer the phone.  
      • Train volunteers and/or team members that want to answer the phone for DACA related questions. Arrange everyone’s schedules as to when they can answer the phone.
Google CalendarUsed to input DACA events into a shareable calendar

Pic 17Pic 18