Coronavirus FAQ

Will I still get paid while the schools are closed?

Yes.  At this time, everyone is getting paid. 

Do I need to report to work?

At this point, only “essential” employees are required to go to work.  The district has determined specific tasks that are required to be done right now.  Some examples of those tasks including preparing or delivering food for students, sanitizing buildings, paying payroll, creating curriculum options, etc.  In order to get those tasks done, the people who can do those tasks have been designated as “essential.”  You will need to report if a supervisor or administrator contacts you and says you are an essential employee.  Everyone else should stay home. 

If I have health concerns, do I need to report to work?

If you are told you need to go to work but have specific health concerns, you should talk to your supervisor/administrator.  If you have problems with the supervisor/administrator, call someone at Education Austin – 512-472-1124 and leave a message.  You can also email to

If I get called to work, will I receive extra pay?

Yes!  We won an agreement to pay time-and-a-half for classified employees who are called in to work.  We are happy that the district agreed to our HERO PAY proposal!

If I’m at home, do I need to be available?

Yes.  You are getting paid, so you need to be available in case you are needed.  In general, you should check your emails and phone calls.  Most of the work should be things you can do from your home.  If you have any problems, talk to your supervisor/administrator.  If you continue to have a problem, call Education Austin at 512-472-1124 and leave a message or send an email to

How long will this last?

We don’t know.  We all need to be patient right now and understand that this is something we have not experienced before.  Things are changing daily, so this is the information we have now.  It may and probably will change.  Please understand people will make mistakes.  Try to stay calm. Call or email us with any questions or concerns you have.  We can try to fix mistakes that are made.  But let us know, because we can’t fix mistakes that we don’t know about. 

Can I still join Education Austin?

Yes!  We build our power through our members.  The more we have, the more we can do.  The easiest way to join right now is to join on-line at