Consultation Agreements


As you may know, Texas is a “right to work” (RTW) state. RTW supporters say that this gives people the personal freedom to choose whether or not to join a union. What it actually means, is that people are free to join the union but are equally free to choose to free-ride on the work the union is doing, but without paying their fair share.

Also in Texas, collective bargaining is explicitly illegal, except for Police, Fire, and EMS workers. Teachers and educational staff are denied from being able to collectively bargain. Thanks to the lateTexas AFT President Linda Bridges, however, we have the closest thing to it in Austin: Elective Consultation.

Under elective consultation, we are able to negotiate with AISD as the sole consultation agent. Education Austin has been elected as the sole Consultation Agent to represent all non-management employees in the district and discuss issues that concern them. These include wages, benefits, workplace safety, and conditions of employment. AISD’s board policy defines consultation as “advice, counsel, and exchange of information on matters pertaining to educational policies and conditions of employment.” All AISD employees are able to vote on who they want to represent them, and every time, they have voted for Education Austin.

We reach consultation agreements in consultation with the district. These are written documents created when the school board ratifies an agreement between Education Austin and AISD to change a policy or procedure for AISD. Some of these consultation agreements are then written into AISD policy. Others stand alone as agreements, which are typically enforced as if they were policy.

Each of these consultation agreements represents a victory for all employees in AISD. So despite being in an RTW state, we’re still doing great work.

Below you’ll find links to all of our consultation agreements dating back to 1999 when Education Austin was born. We are currently working on digitally organizing our consultation agreements from 2012 to 2015, and will have them up soon!

Review of Length of Employee Contracts
Counselor & Librarian Evaluations

Transition to Payroll Deposit
Parenting Leave
Employee Compensation and School Facility Closures
Continuation of Formal Joint Testing and Assessment Committee
2010-11 School Year – AISD to Pay for Employee Health Insurance

2009-10 Salary Increase for All AISD Employees
2009-10 Employee Life Insurance
2009-10 Employee Health Insurance Benefits
Teacher Access to Classrooms
Resolving Issues with Required Meetings
Timeline for Reprimand of Classified Employees
Procedures Affecting Employees – Campus Closures
Guidelines for Spanish Interpreters in ARD Meetings
Regarding Evaluations for 9-10 Month Employees

Establishment of a Joint Committee on Testing and Assessment