AISD Policies

Austin ISD policies

Austin ISD makes its official board-approved policies public. The policies are divided into categories, labeled A through G. Employees of AISD will most often
want to refer to the policy categories D, E, and F.

The D section deals with policies relating to personnel and employment practices. This is where you’ll find policies relating to hiring and firing, evaluations, contract issues, and more.

The E section deals with policies relating to instruction. These policies will apply more to classroom employees like teachers, TA’s, counselors, and so on. This section also addresses things like special education and testing.

The F section deals with policies relating to students. These policies address student attendance, welfare, conduct, discipline, etc.

It is very important that employees familiarize themselves with AISD’s policies. That said, the structure of the policies and the way that they’re written doesn’t make that an easy task. So don’t forget, if you have questions or can’t find something, get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help out. You can email our Member Services Coordinator at, or call at (512) 472-1124.