Statement on Reopening

We are extremely disappointed and object in the strongest terms to the superintendent’s decision to reopen schools next week. It is clear that these are abnormal, extraordinary times. All of us—our members, students, parents, and the community—want our schools open and a return to normal. But we also understand that safety is THE top priority, something that AISD is only willing to give lip service to. Our city is at Stage 5, currently looking at a shortage of ICU beds, and enforcing a curfew for restaurants and bars. Our employees are not getting prioritized for vaccines in time for reopening. This is no time for business as usual. Remember the refrain that “AISD has heart”? Now it seems like they simply do not care how many staff, students, and families get sick. The superintendent is actively contributing to unsafe conditions and risking people’s lives. We call on members of the AISD Board of Trustees to right the ship, and exercise all available power to delay reopening schools until it is safe to do so. We will continue to work toward that end and fight the good fight. We also call on the superintendent, legislators, and the governor to prioritize all school employees when distributing the vaccine. If we want to reopen schools, vaccinate our employees. Don’t treat them like essential workers without providing protections!