Questions About COVID-19 Data and Reporting in AISD


AISD posted 15 more positive cases on their COVID-19 dashboard on Monday.  They had 38 new cases last week.

In just two days this week, 17 new cases have been added.

When we look at these numbers and hear from our members, we wonder what it means when someone is exposed? The district uses the phrase” exposure” when they report on the dashboard.  However, apparently, this is not an indication of people who have been told to quarantine or isolate.  The school community receives a notification when there is a positive case.  However, the district uses the term “close contact” to identify individuals who they notify and instruct to isolate or quarantine. What does this exposure number mean and how is it used?

Austin High School had 5 new cases reported Monday.  They had 86 new exposures.  How many of the 86 exposed individuals were in close contact? An additional 3 new cases were reported today.

Similarly, Travis Heights Elementary School had 110 people exposed from one positive case.  What does this mean?  We have heard a number of people are quarantined.  Some people who were in direct contact with numerous quarantined individuals have not been quarantined.  When does AISD decide to close a school to do a deep cleaning?  It seems like 110 people being exposed merits more attention and information. 

O. Henry reported one positive case last week but reported zero exposures.  Because the individual tested positive on Monday, teachers were told that no one was in close contact or exposed within 48 hours of the individual testing positive.   This left more questions and made people feel less safe.  What if the individual had started having symptoms on Friday? 

The more we look at the data, the more questions we have.  It appears that the number of individuals exposed is not the same as the number quarantined.  In that case, why does the district publish the number exposed but not the number quarantined?  What are those who have been exposed supposed to do?

What is happening at your campus or worksite? How is COVID-19 reporting being handled there? Let us know by sending an email to