Guideline for a Volunteer System

UPDATE 12/04/2020
The following campuses will comprise the initial Pilot Program for a flexible staffing system:
• Bowie High
• Ann Richards School For Young Woman Leaders
• Burnet Middle
• Padrón Elementary
• Cunningham Elementary

As much as possible, principals and staff should work collaboratively to create a system that works for that particular school. 

Staff who are not physically monitoring students or non-teaching staff who can do their job remotely should be allowed to work remotely. 

Determine the number of students attending school and the needs of those students. (For example, are they life skills students who require teachers and TAs, grade levels, etc.) Then determine the number and type of staff necessary to serve those students safely. 

Survey the staff to identify who is in the different tiers of staff needs. 

General tiers:

  1. People who have received accommodations
  2. People who have someone at home who is vulnerable to COVID (immunocompromised, diabetes, etc.)
  3. People with young children at home or elementary children with no after school programs
  4. People with specific fears

The principal or principal and staff committee will present this to the staff, so everyone understands there is a need to staff the school but a desire to protect those with special needs. Ask for volunteers. Once the principal and committee know how many volunteers there are, they will assess the need for additional staff. If additional staff is needed, people will be directed to report based on their tier, starting with tier 4 and working backward with tier 1 being the last group to be brought back. In many cases, not everyone in a tier will be necessary.

To determine who is required to report back, the principal can again ask for volunteers, can look at the specific needs (subject area, etc.), and/or use seniority to determine who will be brought in. This same process can be used as additional students enter the building.

Teachers or staff who can perform their duties remotely should be allowed to work remotely if he/she gets a “red x” on the AISD app. For example, someone with allergies will get a “red x.” There is no reason for someone who has allergies to be required to take leave and not be allowed to perform his/her job.