Call to action: Keep our community safe and our workers paid!

This Thursday the Austin ISD Board of Trustees will vote to approve a delayed start date and a TEA waiver for additional virtual instruction time. We believe that this is the right decision and that it is one way that we can keep our community safe.

However, here’s the BAD news: the district is saying they don’t want to pay many of our classified employees until the school year begins. That means bus drivers, bus monitors, security guards, teaching assistants, food service workers, ISS monitors, and others won’t get paid until the end of September. This is unacceptable. Most of these workers are scheduled to report to work next week and won’t find out until Thursday night or Friday morning that they shouldn’t report and will lose 3 weeks of pay.  Meanwhile, administrators at the top continue to rake in high salaries and still have not developed a reopening plan. We need you to send emails to board members today and speak at the board meeting on Thursday. We need to let them know that while we are happy to delay the start of the school year, our classified employees must be paid. There is money in the fund balance to pay these employees. Can you email and call the Board of Trustees for public testimony today and tomorrow?

Suggested Talking Points

Hi, my name is [Name] and I am a proud Education Austin member (student/parent/community member) at [Campus or Worksite]. I live and vote in [Trustee’s] district. I am commenting on tonight’s action items.  I would like to thank the board in advance for delaying the school start date and seeking a TEA waiver to extend virtual learning. This is one way that we can keep our community safe.

However, NO EMPLOYEE should lose compensation because of the delayed start date. During this pandemic, we as a district must care for ALL members of our district community. This includes those employees who have already returned to work. They deserve HERO pay for being on the frontlines and servicing our students.

Finally, we MUST have a clear plan from the district for a safe reopening that meets our demands.

Call (Thursday, August 6)

Call 512-414-0130 to record your 60-second remarks between 7:45 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

After the phone greeting, you will hear a beep indicating that the recording has started. State your name and state that you are commenting on the action items. Please prepare your comment to be no more than 60 seconds. Know that you will have a grace period in which to state your name and the agenda item you are addressing, which is not a part of your allotted 60 seconds for testimony.

If you are providing your comments in Spanish, your comments will be aired in the original language followed by a reading of your comments translated into English.


Email your remarks to the trustees at: (Superintendent)