AISD Custodians Demand Fair Wages and Reasonable Workloads

In June of 2022, Education Austin won the most significant AISD minimum wage increase in recent years, $16 an hour from $13.50. Yet while our custodians received their much-deserved raise, AISD increased the maximum square footage requirement for custodians. This translated into unreasonable workloads, decreased staffing, and major burnout.

The Education Austin custodian committee worked this summer to increase membership and craft its key demands:

  • Raising the minimum wage at AISD to $22/hour
  • Reducing the maximum square footage per custodian
  • Increased staffing
  • Revert shift changes back to the previous

After speaking out collectively at a recent district wide custodian meeting, the custodian committee has won its demand: a meeting with AISD Chief of Operations, Matias Segura. This meeting will take place this Saturday, September 10th at Education Austin headquarters.

Our next newsletter will include the outcomes of this meeting and the continuing effort of our custodian committee to fight for fair wages and reasonable workloads.

For more information about the upcoming meeting, contact Mary at