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Education Austin members work together to protect and enhance their profession. Members work to create positive change within Austin ISD, through advocacy and organizing. Discover how you can make a difference in creating a more favorable working environment for school employees, a richer learning experience for your students, and a stronger public education system for our future.

If you prefer to have your dues deducted from your paycheck.

Please print out the application and return to Education Austin by U.S. mail. (Note: AISD Payroll will not honor membership applications sent electronically or without a hard-copy signature.) The first is our English application, the second is our Spanish application.



Membership Benefits

Since Education Austin is part of several state and national organizations, our members get to access the member benefits from all of our parent orgs!


AFT PLUS is the name of the member benefit programs available to AFT members and their families. Many of the programs are provided through Union Privilege, the benefit arm of the AFL-CIO; others are unique to AFT and are coordinated directly through AFT PLUS. Explore the site and learn more about the savings and services available to you as a union member.

Click here to learn more about AFT PLUS Member Benefits.


NEA’s member benefits can be accessed through their website:


Since Education Austin is a member of the AFL-CIO, we also have access to benefits through Union Plus.