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  • Consultation Update April 2024
    The Education Austin Consultation Team is proud to announce the submission of 10 consultation proposals to Consultation. As part of the Make It Right! Campaign, our union has developed these 10 proposals to address the diverse needs of the workers we represent in Consultation. 2023-2024
  • AISD Custodians Demand Fair Wages and Reasonable Workloads
    In June of 2022, Education Austin won the most significant AISD minimum wage increase in recent years, $16 an hour from $13.50. Yet while our custodians received their much-deserved raise, AISD increased the maximum square footage requirement for custodians. This translated into unreasonable workloads, decreased staffing, and major burnout. The Education Austin custodian committee worked … Read more
  • The Organizing Committee Is Looking to Grow
    The Education Austin Organizing Committee (OC) runs district-wide member driven issue campaigns. Last year the OC’s “At What Cost?” campaign won numerous victories for AISD employees, including: preserving 6/8 for secondary teachers base pay increases & retention bonuses significant minimum wage increase $1000 stipend for completing the Reading Academy And much more! The OC is … Read more
  • Consultation Update May 2022
    Education Austin met with the district for the Consultation Meeting on May 18, 2022. A summary of the issues discussed is below.
  • Election Results
    The 2022 Election results for the Certified and At-Large Representatives on the Education Austin Executive Board are as follows: The Certified Representatives for the term beginning June 1, 2022 are: Traci Dunlap, Karen Reyes, Maura Masters, Eric Ramos, Kynan Murtagh The At-Large Representatives for the term beginning June 1, 2022 are: Bree Rolfe, Carmela Valdez, … Read more