DACA CLINICS: Documents & Materials List

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DACA Clinics – Documents & Materials List

      2.  SIGNS
      3.  DOCUMENTS
      4.  CLINIC SET-UP
                  a.  Registration
                  b.  Volunteer Check-In
                  c.  Applicant Check-In
                 d.  Lawyer Check-In
          Break Room
          In-Take Station
          Translation Station
          Application Station
          Passport Station
          Attorney Review Station
          Volunteer Resources table
          Organization Information table


  1.   6-10 laptops
  2.   3-4 USB drives with Birth Certificate templates
  3.   Printer and extra white paper
  4.   ~5 Calculators
  5.  Office Supplies:    

  • Highlighters
  • Black Pens
  • Clip Boards
  • Sticky Notes
  • Red and Green Flags
  • Name tags for Volunteers & Lawyers & Extra blank ones
  • “Hello My Name Is…” name tags
  • White Laminated Posted for War Sheet
  • Paper clips
  • Tape
  • Big yellow mailing envelopes with consistent, correct labels
  • Shredder/Shredding box
  • Butcher paper (for passport photos)
  • Bin for Signed Documents

 6.  Food

  • Coffee Cups
  • Coffee Maker
  • Coffee, creamer
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Snacks
  • Bananas
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Sodas
  • Orange Juice
  • Breakfast tacos (Donn’s BBQ)
  • Lunch (Jason’s Deli, Chipotle, Homemade…)

  7.   [LABELED] Passport materials box
  8.   [LABELED] Box of applicant folders

  • Blue Folders: Initial
  • Green Folders: Renewal



A. Registration

                                                                                   a. Volunteer Check-In

  1. Laptops with QuickBase registration.
  2. Volunteer Confidentiality Form
  3. Laptops with QuickBase registration.
  4. Volunteer Confidentiality Form folder
  5. Photography Consent Form (purple)

                                                                                    b. Applicant Check-In

    1. Laptops with QuickBase registration.
    2. Photography Consent Form (purple)
    3. Address Worksheet
    4. Volunteer Confidentiality Form folder
    5. Color Dot stickers with numbers
    6. Applicant Folder
  1. 1.Left Side: write DO NOT SEND/ NO ENVIAR
  2. 2.Right Side: SEND/ ENVIAR

                                                                                    c. Lawyer Check-In

  1. Laptops with QuickBase registration.
  2. Photography Consent Form (Purple)
  3. Volunteer Confidentiality Form

B. Break Room
                                                                                      a. VOLUNTEERS

  1. Volunteer Poster with dry erase materials
  2. Volunteer Roles & Descriptions
  3. Name tags & sharpies
  4. Volunteer sign up shifts with shifts, language, food, role preferences, & whether or not trained before
  5. Runner sheets / Clipboards

                                                                                       b. LAWYERS

  1. Attorney Instructions
  2. Name tags

                                                                                      c. EVERYONE (volunteers and lawyers):

  1. Food!: Breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks. personal items

C. In-Take Station

a. Initial Intake Screening Form
b. Renewal Intake Screening Form
c. Post it notes, flags, black pens

D. Translation Station

a. USB drives with birth certificate templates
b. Instructions / Tips
c. Printer, white paper
d. Computer
e. Flags, black pens

E. Application Station

a.Post it notes, flags, black pens, calculator
b. Scratch Paper
c. Preparer’s Address – Phone # – E-mail

F. Passport Station
a.Passport box, with following materials inside:

  1. Printer, Paper, Ink, Small envelopes, Pens, Scissors, Paper Clips, Pencils
  2. Instructions Sheet
  3. Smart Phone with Apps
  4. White Background (butcher paper/ poster material)

G. Attorney Review Station
a. Black pens, flags, sticky notes, paper clips
b. Attorney Review Sheet

H. Volunteer Resources table

  1. Initial Cover Letter
  2. Renewal Cover Letter
  3. Form I-821D (pages 1-7)
  4. Form I-765
  5. Form I-765WS

I. ULI Engagement/Information table
a.Own The Dream DACA

  1. DACA Team Brochure

b.Dream Empowerment Educational Program
c.Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project
d.Deportation Defense/Defiendete

  1. END hotline cards
  2. Miranda Rights cards
  3. ACLU Know Your Rights Sheet (E/S)
  4. Defiendete brochures (E/S)

e.University Leadership Initiative Brochure
f.Social Media Pictures

J. Check-Out station
a.Bin for Signed Documents
b.Mailing Envelopes
c.Donation Vase


 *Footer at the bottom of Document must have DATE Revised to keep updated*
1.   DACA Clinic Volunteer Confidentiality
2.   Photography Consent Form
3.   Initial Intake Screening Form
4.   Renewal Intake Screening Form
5.   Registration-Intake Station Waiting List
6.   Intake-Application Waiting List
7.   Application-Attorney Waiting List
8.   Translations Waiting List
9.   Passport Photos Waiting
10.  Volunteer Translator Guidelines
11.  Certificate of Translation
12.  Attorney Review
13.  Attorney Review: Issues and Instructions
14.  Address Worksheet
15.  Form I-821D Instructions
16.  Form I-765 Instructions
17.  Equal Justice Center Executive Action Information*
18.  GED Centers (Austin area only)*
19.  ULI DACA Brochure – Spanish*
20.  ULI DACA Brochure – English*
21.  Immigrant Students Can Go To College (Texas) – Spanish
22.  Immigrant Students Can Go To College (Texas) – English
23.  UWD DEEP Tuition Equity Map
24.  Deportation Defense Brochure
25.  My Miranda Rights Cards
26.  Austin ISD Student Records Information
27.  Immigration Attorneys/Non-Profit List (Austin area only)
28.  UWD QUIP Information Sheet
29.  UWD Deportation Defense Hotline Flyer
30.  Volunteer Checklist
31.   Statement of Understanding
32.  Continuous Residence Chart
33.  Form I-765 Expenses Guide
34.  Next Steps After Filing
35.  Form AR-11
36.  Certain Forms of Immigration Relief
37.   Cover Letter – Initial
38.  Cover Letter – Renewal
39.  How to Get a Social Security Number
40.  Form G-1145
41.  Form I-821D
42.  I-765
43.  Form I-765 WS
44.  Preparer’s Information Template
45.  DACA Supporting Evidence List – Spanish
46.  DACA Supporting Evidence List – English
47.  DAPA Supporting Evidence List – Spanish
48.  DAPA Supporting Evidence List – English
49.  Fee Exemption Guidance from USCIS
50.  US CIS Frequently Asked Questions
51.  Obtaining Criminal Records (Travis County only)
52.  ILRC Criminal Bars Chart
53.  ILRC Criminal Bars Guidance
54.  ILRC Juvenile Records Guidance
55.  Positive Discretionary Documents
56.  Affidavit Sample: Continuous Residence
57.  Affidavit Sample: Parent Docs
58.  OTD Affidavit Guide
59.  ILRC Advance Parole Guide
60.  Military and Selective Service Frequently Asked Questions



1.   DACA Clinic (E/S):
2.   Volunteer & Lawyer Registration (E/S)
3.   Applicant Registration (E/S)
4.   Resources/ Check-out (E/S)
     a. ULI Resources Table (w/ master list)
5.   Translations/ Traducciónes (E/S)
6.   Intake/ Admición (E/S)
7.   Application/ Aplicación (E/S)
8.   Passport Pictures/ Fotos de Pasaporte (E/S)
9.   Attorney Review/ Revisión de Abogados (E/S)
10.  Mexican Consulate (E/S)
11.  Laminated Poster with Volunteer Roles
12.  Posters with Fact/reminders about the clinic