Executive Board

The 19-member Executive Board, which includes the four officers, works with Education Austin staff to carry out the mandates of our union.


Ken Zarifis: President
Trasell Underwood: Vice President
Gracie Hopkins: Perez Elementary, Teacher, Recording Secretary
Caroline Sweet: Perez Elementary, Instructional Coach, Treasurer

Classified Representatives

Alicia Barton: Southeast Bus Terminal, Bus Monitor
Valencia Johnson: Navarro High, Teacher Assistant
Emily Sharin: Patton Elementary, Teacher Assistant
Meg Hardick: Travis High, Teacher Assistant
Terri Garcia: Office of Elementary School Leadership, Executive Assistant

Certified Representatives

Traci Dunlap: Maplewood Elementary, Teacher
Karen Reyes: Linder Elementary, Special Education Teacher
Maura Masters: Austin High, Teacher
Eric Ramos: Martin Middle, Special Education Teacher
Kynan Murtagh: Travis High, Teacher

At-Large Representatives

Bree Rolfe: Bowie High, Teacher
Carmela Valdez: Perez Elementary, Teacher
Mario Piña: Paredes Middle, Teacher (TSTA Region 11 President)
Abby Burnham: Austin High, Teacher
Jake Morgan: Bowie High, Teacher