Election Results Are In

ballot boxes2016 is an election year for Education Austin. Our union is governed by a democratically elected executive board made up of our members and by three elected officers: a President, a Vice-President for Classified Employees, and a Vice-President for Certified employees. The process for electing these governing members began in late February of this year. Election ballots were mailed out to all of our members with a final return deadline of May 26th. For a reminder of the dates on our election timeline, please see our previous post on the matter. Our election officials counted the ballots that were mailed back to our union office today, May 27th, and the results are below.

Following the counting of ballots in the 2016 election, the officers are as follows:

The elected Executive Vice-President for Classified Employees is Trasell Underwood.

The elected Executive Board members for Classified Employees, in the order appearing on the ballot, are Christina Campbell, Steve Coyle, Linda Fleming, Alex Dubon, and Lisa Pannell.

The elected Executive Board members for Certified Employees, in the order appearing on the ballot, are Kirk White, Stacey Smith, Caroline Sweet, Gwendlyn Williams, and Melissa Adams.

The elected Executive Board members serving in At-Large positions, in the order appearing on the ballot, are R. Lynn Gage, Traci Dunlap, Michelle Yanes, Christopher Herrera, and Patricia Nunez.

As noted on the ballot, the following positions received only one nomination and were elected by acclamation per the Education Austin Bylaws:
PresidentKen Zarifis
Executive Vice-President for Certified EmployeesMonserrat Garibay
TreasurerKaren Barnes
Recording SecretaryMaria Dominguez

Also running in the election, but not elected, were Rae Nwosu, for Vice-President for Classified Employees and David Carillo-Moran for the Executive Board.  Thank you for the time and effort you put into your campaigns and please continue to volunteer and serve in your other capacities with the union.

Questions about the number of votes each candidate received may be directed to the union office at 512-472-1124.  You must be a member of the union to receive those results.

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