AISD Happiness Project

16f6542577041a4f0c5df012c0f36f28StudentINC at Crockett High School is a collaborative real-world capstone learning experience focused on entrepreneurship. They have partnered with the Bazaarvoice Foundation, High Schools that Work, IncubatorEDU, and Austin ISD to “reinvent urban education.” The students involved in this partnership will be presenting their exciting project, which is a culmination of a year of collaborative learning across curriculums, and working with organizations outside of the school. Students participating in this project have researched teacher and staff happiness.

The results of the students’ research are in!

happiness-725847_960_720They will gather at Bazaarvoice’s offices to explore feedback from their happiness surveys targeting staff and students. This is the capstone project for Crockett’s new humanities course for entrepreneurs, and the student teams will present their survey findings from across the schools and offer recommendations on how to up the happy factor for everyone in AISD.

If you think you’d like to join, please RSVP here!

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