Executive Board Candidate Information + Calendar Revisions

As you may know, 2016 is an election year for Education Austin. All officers and 15 board members are elected to serve two-year terms. The term of office for this current election is June 1, 2016, to May 31, 2018. This will be an all-member election. A ballot will be sent to each member’s home address. Please make sure Education Austin has your updated address on file. Email or call us at 512.472.1124 to update your address.


  • April 22 – Ballots mailed to members’ home addresses



Below is a list of the candidates running for the executive board and the information the candidates supplied to us.


Christina Campbell

Steve Coyle

Alex Dubon

Linda Fleming

Lynn Gage

Lisa Pannell


Melissa Adams

Traci Dunlap

Pic - TraciMy name is Traci Dunlap, and I am an ESL Pre-K Teacher at Maplewood Elementary and a leader with Education Austin. I am currently finishing up my second term on our Executive Board. I am a worksite steward, and also serve on Education Austin’s consultation team. I am a member of EA’s Racial Equity Committee and Professional Development Committee and a member of TX AFT’s Legislative Committee and Quest Committee. In previous years, I co-chaired EA’s Pre-K Organizing Committee. I am deeply committed to the work we do at Education Austin, serving the needs of our membership in order to make Austin ISD a great place to work for employees and a great place to learn for kids! I am asking you to vote for me for Executive Board so that I can continue this important work. Solidarity forever!

Christopher Herrera

Pic - ChrisMy name is Christopher Herrera, I currently work as a 2nd Grade Dual Language teacher at Hart Elementary, and I’ve been a member of Education Austin for 3 of my 4 years teaching. I decided to run for an executive board position because I have seen the great work that Education Austin does and I want to play a more active role in helping to continue this work. As a member of the board I hope to continue creating and strengthening relationships with the many individuals that work collectively to help all of our students become successful. I also hope to learn skills that will help me grow professionally inside and outside of the classroom and I hope to continue to work, along with other members of the board, to help ensure that we are creating the best work environment that we can for all employees working for Austin ISD.

David Carrillo-Moran

Pic - DavidMy name is David Carrillo-Moran, and I am a 2nd grade dual language teacher at Ridgetop Elementary. I received my B.A. in Bilingual/Bicultural Education from The University of Texas at Austin. I was also a part of the Bilingual Education Student Organization, a student group dedicated to promoting bilingual education within the UT community. As an undergraduate, I was a student teacher in a Pre-K classroom at Ridgetop. Currently, I am a member of our Campus Advisory Committee. I have served as our PTA’s secretary for two years. This year I have also been designated as a Lead Dual Language Teacher for our school. During my time at Ridgetop, I have seen our disadvantaged students slowly leave our school due to gentrification and other issues.  If I were to serve on Education Austin’s Executive Board, my goal would be to advocate for our disenfranchised students and their families to truly create a sense of community within AISD.

Patricia Nunez

Stacey Smith

Caroline Sweet

Kirk White

Gwendlyn Williams

Michelle Yanes

Pic - YanesMy name is Michelle Yanes and I have been in Austin ISD for 6 years. I was first a 5th grade teacher at Sanchez Elementary, moved out of the country to teach and returned to east Austin, teaching 5th grade at Govalle Elementary. I am currently teaching at Ridgetop Elementary. I am part of the Dual Language Innovation Design Team to make changes to the Austin ISD Dual Language program, I am one of the many Academia Cuauhtli teachers. On campus, I am part of the CAC, I’m part of the PTA. I am currently in the Assistant Principal Pathways Cohort through AISD Educator Quality. I believe that change comes from making powerful and meaningful connections and in being part of various committees and programs I can make those connections and advocate for those whose voices are not always heard.

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