Who’s Who





President                                               Ken Zarifis

Vice-President for Certified               Montserrat Garibay

Vice-President for Classified             Trasell Underwood


Treasurer                                               Karen Barnes

Executive Board Members

Alex Dubon, Transportation, Southeast

Caroline Sweet, Teacher, Metz

Linda Fleming, TA, McBee

Michelle Yañez, Bilingual Coach

Steve Coyle,Truck Driver, Science & Health Resource Center

Traci Dunlap, Teacher, Brooke

Patricia Nuñez, Bilingual Coach

David Carrilo, Teacher, Travis Heights

Stacey Smith, Librarian, Govalle

Lisa Pannell, Transportation, Saegert

Gwen Williams, Teacher, Norman


Education Austin Staff:                                                                         Office Phone

Office Manager-Bookkeeper            Rebeca Ramos                                     472-1124

Member Services Coordinator         Mary Martinez                                    472-1124

Lead Organizer                                 Gail Buhler                                          472-1124

Staff Representative                        Trent Breintung  and Phyllis Franklin


Membership Service                         R. Lynn Gage


Specialists (MSS):



  1. Why does your phone system not working? Phone calls cannot go through to the number (512) 472-1124.

  2. Hello,
    I’m running for Congress, TXCD25 and would like to talk to you about my race.
    I was actually a band director in a public school many moons ago, our daughter is a junior at Dripping Springs High School, and I’ve been a public education advocate for many years.
    My cell is 512-845-0155.

  3. Hey Education Austin,
    I am currently a student at UT Austin and am taking a class about our the American education system. In the Spring semester we try to bring out speakers to talk about our system from their diverse perspectives. We would absolutely love to have a representative of Education Austin come and speak to us about how Teachers Unions help and hurt our education system.
    Please feel free to contact me at 8322891051 or bcalcutta10@utexas.edu.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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